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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  October 12, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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supply of the seasonal flu in the d.c. metro area. vaccine shortages reported at doctor's offices, clinicses and retail drugstores all because of the unprecedented demand. >> ready? >> reporter: it's the start of the flu season and already there's been unprecedented demand. causing the seasonal flu vaccine to be in short supply. >> i went to my doctor's office first and they're out of it. >> reporter: why? heightened fears over the swine flu has local residents overwhelming doctor's offices and clinics with their demand for a flu shot. right now the seasonal flu vaccine is available but in limited supply. >> we have seen very high demand so far this year. and we are experiencing some shortages in supply from our manufacturers. so we have had to put some of our clinics on hold for the time being until we're able to get more vaccines in hand. >> reporter: the centers for disease control says about 77 million doses of the seasonal vaccine have already been shipped to the u.s. far more than this time last year. but because of fears over the
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h1n1 virus, demand has soared, causing delays. at the same time the swine flu is sleeping through the area. this woman has had two of her children fall ill. >> initially when they said swine flu, i kind of got that panic feeling, but it's really, doesn't seem to be as bad as they're making it out to be and my son you know he's up and about and he's got a fever but with the mote rin he's no worse than if he just had a flu. >> reporter: still this little comfort for those who want to avoid the flu at any cost. health care providers are urging calm. >> flu season around this area doesn't peak until january, february, march. so getting a flu shot now is great but it's also plenty of time to get it still in november, december and january. >> reporter: cdc officials say the seasonal flu doses are going out as quickly as possible. two the nation's largest drugstore chains, cvs and walgreens stores with vaccine shortages last week. thanks, jane.
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and we always have flu information onli, go to and search, swine flu. a man is dead this evening after a double shooting near nationals park in afternoon. it happened in the 1300 block of first street southwest a couple of block it is from ballpark. both victim were taken to dw hospital, one died. there is word that the police found a wean at the scene but it's not clear who it belongs to. no word of motive or suspects in the shooting. a 70-year-old man is in critical condition tonight following a fire here in an apartment building in upper georgetown this morning. it happened at the townley court apartments on 40th place in northwest. d.c. fire officials tell us firefighters found the man unconscious in a basement unit. the cause of the fire is under investigation. a good samaritan is recovering tonight from a gunshot wound he got trying to help a woman who was being robbed inside his store. this happened on saturday afternoon in the ft. taughten
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area. police say t woman had just purchased using a $100 bill and someone attacked her trying to steal her change. pat collins joins us from the northeast washington, to tell us the rest of this story. pat? >> reporter: wendy, a big act of courage inside this tiny little store. a would-be robber attacks a woman. a young man comes to her defense and it nearly cost him his life. >> i never thought i'd get shot. >> reporter: words tonight from the hospital bed of clinton price jr., shot and wounded last weekend at his family's store. price tucked away on rock creek church road in the ft. totten snekz our city. in 1967, robert price opened the place. then he turned it over to his son clinton who runs it now with
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his son clinton jr. it was clinton jr. who was shot here saturday as he came to the defense of a woman inside the store. he was beating her up pretty bad? >> he was beating her up -- that's what made me -- like i was shocked. please don't kill her, sir. >> reporter: in happened around 3:00 in the afternoon. she has a $100 bill. she gets $10 worth of groceries. she takes the change and puts it in her pocket. a guy in the store goes after the money. he grabs the woman, he slams her head against the bulletproof glass. clinton jr. sees what's going on, he comes out to help the woman. he fights the guy, knocks the guy to the ground but that guy, that guy had a gun, and he fired a shot that hit clinton jr. >> i thought we had restrained. i thought the fight was over since we had already beat him up and he shot me. he shot me dad.
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>> clinton said, "dad, i'm shot." i looked that the guy and he looks at me and tried to pull the trigger and got jammed. >> my son was fantastically courageous. he was very unselfish at the time and he gave all that he could and he gave -- he almost gave his life and there is nothing more that i can say about that. >> reporter: that gunman ran from the store, stole a car, cracked it up on 16th street northwest near the carter baron. continued his escape on foot and made it a clean getaway. so far no arrests in this case. wendy, back. >> you pat collins, thank you, pat. we're only hours away from a key debate. tonight in the race for governor in virginia. democrat creigh deeds and republican bob mcdonnell will reach in richmond for the live televised debate. last week a mason-dixon poll
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showed 48% of voters in favor of mcdonnell and 40% in favor of deeds. undecided. julie carey joins us with a preview. >> wendy, clearly there is far more riding on this evening's debate for democrat creigh deeds who needs to find a way to shake up the race and shake voter's impressions about him. what is bottom of the as the people's debate will take place in richmond. the hour-long face-off is sponsored by the -- and aarp and face some questions from voters themselves. just last week both deeds and bob mcdonnell tackled questions by loudoun county business leaders but that was a forum north a debate. first chance for direct sparring in nearly a month but central isthe news race haven't changed that enough that time. the funding transportation improvement has been a key point of contention andsco have each candidate's position to whether to raise taxes. after the last debate when pressed by reporters, deeds conceded he would sign a bipartisan measure that hiked taxes to pay for roads. mcdonnell refuses to consider a
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tax hike. education will also be a top issue and deeds hopes tonight to get more attention for his plan to set up a special scholarship program. it would pay half of the public college tuition for top students who promised two years of public service upon graduation. and finally deeds' campaign aides say he will continue to question mcdonnell about whether he intends to push a socially conservative agenda if elected governor. that strategy, though, could prove very risky for deeds. recent polls have shown he's viewed as the more negative candidate because of his constant focus on mcdonnell's 1989 thesis in which the republican asserted that working women were detrimental to the fam plept front-runner bob mcdonnell a more skilled communicate otonight it is really about avoid anything mistakes. >> good evening. bob rooirngs storm center4. it's bane cloudy, chilly day for october. the sun trying to breakthrough of those clouds which will move off a little bit later on.
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our temperatures, look at frederick, maryland, earlier this morning down to 4 tour degrees. down into the low 40s around winchester. around town we made it to 50 degree. you folks around fredericksburg, also seeing a chilly night. we may see a sprinkle and i think that most, all of the clouds will continue to move off as we go through the nighttime hours and tomorrow we'll be seeing a return of sunshine. so a cloudy, chilly evening, but tomorrow it'll be back to around 70 degrees. more changes though coming up as we get later on into the week and i'll tell you all about it and i knowhat you are ready, i'll show you some snow, where it is. join you in a few minutes. ♪ >> nothing new. he can't do anything right. it's the same thing over and over. >> i think that jason campbell is good but also can be forgotten. >> i think we need to give
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campbell a little bit more time and possibly replace coach zorn. >> seems at halftime you had a good sunday. lots of folks talking about the future the redskins today. >> after they lost again to a team that hasn't been able to win until they took on the redskins nape lost to the carolina panthers 17-20. >> lindsay czarniak joins us live from the park. what's the mood out there, lindsay? >> reporter: oh, jim, it's not too good of a mood and now the redskins have bigger fish to fry because they've learned of a key injury that will certainly affect them this coming week on sunday when they play the kansas city chiefs. we'll talk about that in a while. but right now the mood, as you would expect, and one of the players said he feels like people around here have been walking around eggshells. no longer that they feel like that they're fighting for jim zorn's job and their jobs as well. players trying to figure out went wrong. take you back down to carolina. panther fans showing that they
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felt like they could catch the redskins. after taking a 17-2 lead into the third quarter the redskins saw the game slip away. the panthers gained momentum. the redskins allowed two carolina touchdowns. nothing the redskins could do. they lose 20-17. jim zorn said after the game, how he plans to respond. >> i want to win. that's what i'm here for. that's what the redskins are all about. and we've lost two tough games. i feel bad. i'm hurting. and our team is as well. these guys are guys with resolve. i'm a man of resolve. and we're going to get back at it. >> reporter: jim zorn has another hurdle to get over as the redskins than they will be playing without left tackle chris samuels this coming sunday against the kansas city chiefs because of samuels' injury that he suffered in the game against the panthers. we'll have much more on that coming up on news4 at 5:00.
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guys? >> see you later. thanks, lindsay. >> gist getting started on news4 at 5:00 tonight. coming up a driving lesson went terribly wrong. how one local family's life changed in an instant. how some are getting a blast of winter. and this is it, neay four months after the death of singer michael jackson, a new single is released. ♪ ♪ oh ♪ i'm a man ♪ ♪
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chillier than unusual our area and across the country. some areas saw snow over the weekend. two to three inches blanketing parts of missouri, where this fall weather came as a surprise, and a mix of rain and snow blamed for a 60-car pileup in denver today. >> vehicles were bouncing back and forth across the road and 360s. it was -- it was pretty scary. >> it was the earliest at least from minnesota. >> the weather postponed the baseball game between the rockies and phillies on saturday. wisconsin and michigan are also seeing snow. yesterday in montana, reached negative 10. >> wow. we're not ready for it. apparently those drivers were not too ready for it either. >> well, it was forecast.
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those are the things that you say -- well i'm surprised. october? >> maybe they think that they can -- in denver, they think that they can drive and surprised how badly they performed. >> it showious they have to get experienced driving too in the snow. >> yeah. >> outside right now we've got the clouds which are breaking up a little bit and i think that later on tonighte'll be seeing another chilly night. look at the temperatures outside right now. our current temperature here in washington is a chilly 56 degrees. my goodness. our first time that we had been below 60 for the high temperature since way back in may. 19 -- no, 1956, when it was 56 degrees. it was 56 may 4th, 1956. 40s to our north. look to the south, boy still warm and humid down around miami and in between, that's where the storm tracks are. our temperatures have dropped 11 degrees in 24 hours. so here's the latest wave.
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once again you can see a lot of rains to our south. that one will be moving out eventu eventually. i think later on in the week we'll be seeing rain on our own. athens, georgia, over three inches of rain today. earlier this morning rapid city and even for the dakotas pretty cold. 16 degrees at rapid city. there is that area of rain and moderate rains, it is, down in the myrtle beach area, on into georgia, all of this, i think, again, you can get an idea moving off once again to our south. many areas about only 100th or a few hundredths of an inch of rain. look at shelby, north carolina, over three inch nets month and about two inches so far today. so overnight tonight wre going to see that storm move up. on the west side, indeed, that's still snow up in wisconsin. look at eau claire, wisconsin. looking at today, the streets are wet. getting usedo it but in many spots, it is a little bit early, although we get into october, and early in november, we get
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these snows and the storms coming out of high plains. for us overnight tonight we'll see that area of storminess continuing to move off. tomorrow to the west to the northwesterly winds so drier air comes in. i think we'll see a return of sunshine and that's not all, warm sunshine. get into wednesday, high pressure comes in and yet another surge of moisture have to keep an eye ork probably staying to our south burke finally thursday and friday, i think we'll be seeing some needed rains of our own. near 70 tomorrow. in the meantime, cloudy and chilly for this evening. temperatures in the low to mid 50's. tomorrow, though, when you get up and head out as the clouds break up i think it'll be partly cloudy. it will be a chilly morning with the temperatures into the low 40s for you folks in the suburbs. 50 degrees in town but a pretty nice day. partly sunny skies. temperatures tomorrow, unlike today, will be near average or a bit above average. warmer with the temperatures right around 70 degrees. quite pleasant. next four days, we'll see a mix
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of clouds and sunshine by wednesday. late thursday and friday that's the chance, finally, and it will be a chilly rain that comes in on late thursday and friday. that's the time that we will be seeing some rain, chances of rain, which we need. we've been very, have been dry. late thursday and friday, though, and a warmer day tomorrow. >> all right. >> no snow in sight, by the way. >> good! >> not yet. >> just the video, we can watch it. thank you, bob. still ahead, metro closeu, it's been an inconvenience for many ride, all weekend. find fout that track work is going to affect the commute to work tomorrow. >> reporter: i'm liz crenshaw. burritos for lunch. which one wins our taste test?
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today, metro operated on a saturday schedule because of the columbus day holiday. metro riders can expect service to be back on track starting tomorrow morning. metro crews replaced the entire rail interlocking at the lafonte plaza at the green and yellow lines and service came to a halt at the archives memorial station. the waterfront station also closed but shultz buses helped riders get around. again service will resume to normal tomorrow. you're driving by the four seasons hotel in georgetown you may notice an unusual looking speed bump now the front. it's a high-tech speed bumped. designed more to just slow you down, harvev the energy from cars as they drive over it. the energy is then turned into electricity that can be udo power homes, hotels and drive-throughs.
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>> the biggest opportunity is where there is a large car population or a daily traffic situation such as tollbooths where there could be 100,000 cars a day and we expect that these devices will create enough energy to pay themselves back in less than three years. >> if we harvested all of this energy that drive on the america's roads from a single day we could provide enough electricity to power more than half a million homes. >> pretty amazing. >> yeah. a fascinating and timely new exhibit is opening tomorrow inside of the library of congress up on capitol hill. >> the 100th anniversary of the cartoonist who drew for the "whington post" from 1946 until his death in 2001. tom sherwood got a preview of this glorious exhibit. >> reporter: one of the ornate reading rooms of the library of congress on capitol hill is one of the least likely places you would have found the modest
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self-effacinging but largely talented hebert block. editorial cartoonseflected and shaped policy for seven decades mostly at the "washington post." more than 14,400 cartoons, in all. >> it was important to him to be very well informed. he read several newspapers every day. he was up to you minute on the television coverage on everything. >> here's a wonderful opportunity to see original art. anybody can come into these galleries and see the original graphite, the original ink brush. >> reporter: sarah and kennedy are curators for the library's exhibit that opens tuesday to mark the centennial birth who died in 2001. a dozen books also to his names, also tackled subjects that unfortunately in many cases remain as relevant as that day when they were first drawn decades ago. late '70s, oil and gasoline
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prices that had struck america. he had cried that the dependence on foreign oil o home on any cable tv or blog. the controversy over boardroom deed and the employment that raids our economy. the impact on america's social policies and persistent gender based-waged discrimination that just traps many sfwheem he just knew and spoke for the limit man taken turns out when you speak for the little man, sometimes it stays relevant for decades. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. >> and again the exhibit at the library of congress, that opens tomorrow. you can go to our website, to get a link to this exhibit. coming up at news4 at 5:00, speed, camera, cash. what one local community plans do to make money off of your speeding tickets. what we can all learn from a
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deadly driving lesson.
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welcome back, everybody, at 5:30. i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. our top story this half hour other an elderly man out for a walk killed during a driving lesson. this was in arlington on saturday night. police say a woman was learning how to drive in a parking lot when she drove over an embankment and hit the man. last night's accident isn't the first thyme a driving lesson ended with a terrible tragedy if our area. michael flynn joins us with the latest. >> reporter: it is the second out-of-control driving lesson in our area and this time it has
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ended the life who is committed to his family and the community. >> reporter: the most recent driving lesson in our area that went horribly wrong. on saturday night inarlington's ft. scott park. a 21-year-old woman learning to drive with a passenger next to her lost control in a parking lot and went down in the embankment. truck hit and killed an elderly man who was walking a dog on a swauk. last week in maryland someone teaching a man how to drive when theirinivan slammed into this apartment and injured the man who lives here. >> it can be dangerous. these things will kill you. >> reporter: for 15 years, tim davis has ran a driving school in arlington, even though so many people first learned to drive with a parent or friend, davis says these recent cases are examples of how badly things can go wrong. a prompt instructor like davis has a second brake in the training car and can quickly react by also throwing the car into neutral or turning off the ignition if the student accidentally hits the gas.
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>> again, it's best to do it with people who do this every day, you know? driving in schools,riving instructors. we go through these situations all of the time so we learn with very quickly about control. >> reporter: the victim in saturday's accident was 81-year-old marco amone, a man who came to the u.s. from italy in the 1950s and became a successful businessman. >> he'd love to go down and read all of the newspapers down at the coffee shop at barnes & noble. that was in the library, exceedingly well read, brilliant man. >> his friends sue and greg, say he and his wife had been enjoying their retirement years together. volunteering in the community and spending quality tim with their grandkids. >> i guess when your time's up, your time's up, and this is not way that i think that anybody would have choosen to have it happen but you know that's just almost an act of god type of thing where literally the truck falls from the sky on some wonderful person. >> the common welt's attorney in
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arlington will decide what charges, if any, the driver from saturday's crash could face. and in last week's crash in prince george's county the driver and the person trying to teach the man how to drive were charged with reckless endangerment. jim, back to you. >> michael flynn, michael thank you. senate finance committee is set to vote a health care reform plan and now the insurance industry is challenging it. just last night the insurance industry released numbers showing a skyrocketing cost to families thunder proposed bill. the industry estimates the reform plan would add $1,700 to a family's coverage dmoft 2013. >> do you market reforms that do not require everybody to participate and then there is a powerful incentive for people to simply wait until they are sick for coverage. >> reporter: big insurance companies say they do -- >> the proposed explain worth $829 billion. supporters of the senate reform bill accuse the insurance industry of trying to protect its profits. at least 41 people are dead
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from a suicide bombing in pakistan. another 45 wounded. this car bomber struck at a checkpoint near a market in the volatile swat valley. the bombing appeared to target pakistani troops. also today, the taliban claiming responsibility for a weekend attack on the pakistani army's headquarters. the 22-hour assault killed 14 people long with nine militants. president obama ponders the next new afghanistan. u.s. marines are workoth overall mission there. they're trying to win the trust of villagers. the marines say they need tips from locals to prevent insurgents from returning to the territories that the coalition forces have already cleared. one marine says the work is slow, methodical, often it involves dealing with one house and even one afghan at a time. as troops try and keep the peace in afghanistan, back here at home, friends and family gathered in purseville, virginia, to say good-bye it a local soldier who died in afghanistan. army specialist was killed in combat earlier this month.
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he was among eight u.s. soldiers killed during a fierce battle with the taliban insurgents. chris gordon joins us from loudoun county now with more on him. chris? >> reporter: good evening. 21-year-old was remembered as a devoted son and brother. a local athlete who never shied away from a challenge and would fight for friends. in this case losing his life for his army unit. >> reporter: the flag-draped casket followed closely by family and friends, a bronze star, purple heart and good conduct award medal awarded by the family at the funeral. his community honoring him and his family's sacrifice. >> just grieve stricken. he was a wonderful kid. the places that he traveled in afghanistan, similar places where i traveled. we went to many of the same
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places stephon did a whole lot more heavy lifting than i did. >> reporter: was 1 of 8 u.s. soldiers killed on october 3rd in afghanistan. during a firefight against more than 200 taliban. today outside the church the patriot guard stood. while inside at the funeral services friends and family remembered him as a football and baseball player who loved hunting and fish, who was recently given a bible and clung to it. >> if i could change anything in my past, there would only be two things. i would have liked to have enlisted with stephon and fight with him and i would have preferred for him to speak at my funeral. >> an american flag at a memorial arch in front the church hung from fire towers brought there by volunteers who wanted to say thanks.
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>> a lot of us are here today because this young man was part of our community and pay tribute to him in the best way that we can and to show our support. >> reporter: he will be laid to rest with full military honors this coming monday at arlington national cemetery. we're live in loudoun county, virginia. back to you in the studios. >> chris gordon, thank you, chris. still to come tonight, getting involved in education. fathers, brothers and role models answer an imptant call for action if our classrooms? >> get ready for cooler nights. bob ryan returns later with a look at
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there is new information tonight about last week's shooting in bethesda that left a man in critical condition. the victim works for the imf. police tell us it appears his condition is improving and that he could help in the investigation. darcy spencer joins us now with more on this story. darcy? >> reporter: jim, police do say that the victim's condition has improved. in fact, they were able to talk to to him in the hospital. they're not saying what information he provide bud police are hopeful it could try to figurout who killed him. >> reporter: a high ranking economist with the national monetary fund was shot and wounded last thursday. it happened after he pulled into the garage of his bethesda home. the gunman opened fire through the door of his minivan. police s while his injuries
5:38 pm
were considered to be life-threateni life-threatening, it appears that he's improving and has been able to talk to authorities. >> as of last night in the hospital, investigators were able to communicate with the victim. so we believe that's going to help us. >> reporter: and can you say what he was able to share with police? >> we're not releasing that at this time. >> reporter: police still have not made an arrest in the shooting. it happened on millwood road in the kenwood park section of bethesda where crime is unfortunately unheard of. i know that some people called each other and said, hey, make sure that your garage doors a closed right now and move your cars into the garage and make sure that your alarms are on and that kind of thing. >> reporter: police say the incident is isolated and don't believe that the attack was associated with his work at the imf. >> we have no indication that it's related to his position with the imf. >> reporter: how about robbery? >> that to be one of the
5:39 pm
possible scenarios and we are looking at that as a possible motive. >> reporter: according to authorities his wife was home at time of the shooting. she has been advise not talk to the meadan. gunmen were seen in a dark mask and last seen him leaving from the home. the wealthy neighborhood and million-dollar homes and prominent residents and it's known for cherry trees on the basin. >> we're fortunate in our particular neighborhood, we have a neighborhood patrol. we have put police presence and we feel like somebody's always looking out for us here so it's a very, very safe neighborhood. >> now the story about the shooting has received widespread attention on the internet. coming up at 6:00, more on how neighbors are staying in touch and in tune with this investigation through several social networking sites. >> darcy spencer, thank you. in maryland could be getting stun guns. tonight village board of managers will hear a present
5:40 pm
fration police chief roy gordon. he wants to buy 12 taser stun guns with some the revenue by some the speed cameras. stun guns such as tasers generally shoot a pair of darpts that can deliver 50,000 volts of electricity to the person's body some county official say speed camera revenue should be used to improve traffic safety, while others are opposed to stun guns in general and the meeting begins tonight 7:30 at the chevy chase building hall. i go like 6 miles an hour. >> the cameras get you. coming up a new release of a michael jackson song. find out when you can buy the final album. and in sports the redskins would like a new release on the season after another disappointing loss. lindsay live at redskins park with today's reaction. >> reporter: i'm liz crenshaw, which restaurant make the best bur eat no town?
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did you know in spanish the rd burrito means little donkey? thank goodness that's not how burritos taste but that size. the question today is who makings the best burrito? liz crenshaw cooked up a taste test. >> reporter: a burrito is basically a tortilla wrapped around rice, bean, cheese, avocado and all messy and delicious. all of the burrito places claim their version is magniffico and
5:44 pm
one has supreme and we have the pick to the tastiest. >> reporter: it's friday. here every friday it's free lunch friday and the only thing that changes is the menu. today it's chicken burritos from three of the most popular burrito restaurants. here are the burritos from california tortilla. like the others in today's taste test it's a tortilla filled with chicken, rice, beans and various other condiments. from baja fresh, again a combination of chicken, rice, beans and other tasty ingredients. and this is the burrito from chipotle. similar-looking to the others but is it similar tasting? there's only one good way to find out. we're just asking you to take one from each section and just taste them and we're going to
5:45 pm
come around and ask you which one like the best. burritos have a colorful history. in mexico, somewhere around 1910 a vendor named juan mendez allegedly put large homemade flour tortillas inside of individual napkins to keep them warm. mendez transported his food on donke donkeys. and the large tacos known as burritos. legend, maybe. but burritos have become a huge seller in eateries coast to coast in the usa. and they seem to be well liked here too but one has to be voted best and although each brand has fans. these are the burritos from california tortilla. >> i like the california tortil tortilla. >> explain why. >> i like the flavor of the grilled chicken, more fresher. >> it was much smooth ever and the grilled chicken came out more. >> the california tortilla was really moist and flavorful and the rice is a little spicy, like spanish rice.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: these are burritos from baja fresh. >> you know what i think that the baja fresh is the best. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. >> i like them all to be honest but i will pick baja fresh of course. >> reporter: what is it? >> guess the tortilla was better. >> i almost went for that california tortilla but baja fresh took it. >> reporter: and here are the burritos from chipotle. >> the one that i like the most the three was chipotle because it had the most flavor. >> reporter: can you describe what they have done right? >> well, i'm tasting a lot of different thing in the taco the rice, the chicken, beans. i'm just getting a lot more flavor. >> i would have to say chipotle and i'm a ba fresh person so i'm kind of surprised. >> reporter: so who won our big burrito bash? well, of 112 votes, 13 picked california tortilla. 43 votes went to baja fresh. and today's winner, chipotle was judged best by 56 tasters.
5:47 pm
so here's the final word today -- >> in a word, delicious. >> reporter: the big question is how do you get through them actually? if you would like to conct me by emaim by the way we have an easy way, any info that you would like to send us, you can also keep in touch with us on just search for liz crenshaw. i always say i'm not going to eat both you know, cut it, and you do. >> you can't stop. i know the feeling. i tell you that guacamole is so good. >> chipotle won but all had positive things. >> i'm sure no one would have turned any of them. >> no one throwing them off of the tables saying -- >> how dare you put them in front of me. >> thanks, liz -- you're welcome. >> for making us hungry. new song by michael jackson
5:48 pm
airing on radio stations and on michael jackson's website. ♪ ♪ this is it ♪ here i stand ♪ i'm the light of the world ♪ i feel grand >> "this is it" it's the song. it's first new material by jackson released since his death in june and also the title track of the musical documentary hit later this month. the song plays at the end of the film. jackson's two-disk album also called "this is it" set to arrive in stores october 27th. >> doreen gets ler is here with a preview. >> hi, guys. coming up on news4 at 6:00, new survey shows 80% of economists believe that our recession is ov. when they say the houtsing market is likely to improve. t-mobile is now saying that phone numbers, e-mails and pictures lost last week will not be recovered. we'll tell you why. and we'll also tell you about a guy, listen to this, who slept through a house fire in his house. he didn't wake up until
5:49 pm
firefighters did a walk-through two hours after the blaze was under control. that's one heck of a sound sleeper. those stories and more coming up in just a few minutes on news4 at 6:00. >> i wish that i could leap like that. wow. >> except not during a house fire. >> yeah. >> something like would wake you up. >> maybe after three burritos for dinners. >> no one's sleeping. >> thanks, doreen, see you in a bit. >> head out to redskins park, and lindsay, where there's a whole lot of headshaking and i'm sure contemplation going on out there. >> reporter: i think that redskins are trying to wake themselves up. injury news, chris samuels will not be able to play against kansas city chiefs. it will be stephon heier who moves over to left tackle and mike williams who gets the start at right tackle. a position he does not often play. >> new starter, right guard as well. a makeshift offensive line that the point and many people said in the beginning of the season,
5:50 pm
if they stay healthy, they'll be okay. if chris samuels goes down, if randy thomas goes down, which is exactly what happens in the worst-case scenario. >> it really is and i think that the redskins are trying their very hardest to stay positive but still the big question of how they could let this one slip away when they got that 20-17 loss to the panthers. take you back down to carolina to the field yesterday. it was in the third quarter, the redskins were holding onto a 10-2 lead and it looked good on third and eight. deangelo hall for the second week in a row makes the pick. a heads-up play that would end up leading to a redskins' touchdown. deangelo hall has perfected timing but wheels came off. on the panthers' next drive, jake delhomme second and five finds jeff king for a 17-yard score. the panthers chewed away at the redskins lead. jim zorn talked about how this team bounces back from that loss. >> i get right back at it. it is so hard to do this with
5:51 pm
these kinds of losses. they're just heartbreaking. they really are. and it's my responsibility. it's nobody else's. and i know that. but i have resolve. i have commitment and we're going to get back now the line and we're going to go do it. >> it's not up to coach zorn. it's up to you players. look in the mirror see what they can do better. we've got to find a way so that we can all get together get on the same page. we'll be okay. the coaches put it in position to make plays. they're not out calling. if they put us into position to make the plays and i don't think that we did that yesterday. >> reporter: returned specialist cart wright was very honest today in the locker room and also how he feels like a lot of players have felt like for a while walking on eggshells. they feel like they're playing for zimzorn's job and frankly they feel like they're playing for their own.
5:52 pm
>> absolutely. look at the pieces of the puzzle for a successful franchise they don't have the patience right now and the players are so frustrated. the common themes after the game and today talking to the guys, do you feel like you're running out of time to have a successful season? because all throughout training camp these guys said, we have the talent. we have the talent. well, maybe they just don't have the talent after these injuries and it's making a lot of guys ask a lot of questions. >> what's going fly your head right now? >> i don't know, man. one situation, you know what i am saying. just so angry inside. you're so frustrated. i don't want to say the wrong thing. i would rather say nothing at all. i just don't know. i don't have a through and to me it's like groundhog day. you see it the same way. we have to find a way. >> we loss tot detroit on the road. come here lose to carolina on the road and especially this one stings more because we were up 17-2. we have to find a way to keep fighting. we're not going to give up. keep hope and keep pushing.
5:53 pm
>> halftime will be a game of will. and unfortunately the outcome wasn't the way that we expected. have to learn from our mistakes. we're not done, out, it's one of those tough losses that came down to the wire and we have to step it up. >> it's frustrate, disappointing. we know that we could do better. penalty, first downs and that kind of thing. but at the same time, we just have to kind of, not overlook it, but check it out, move on because we have to get right, get back on the winning track. >> do you feel like this team to get it turned around, now is running out of time? >> i wouldn't say it's not running out of time. i would say next week's ball game is a huge game. because it's the next game. >> we've got a lot of time to get it corrected but if we keep letting it got way it's going now then we are going to run out of time. but we need to make something happen sooner than later. >> today carlos rogers also said to some print writers that when problems like this happen it's players, it's coaches, it's also ownership.
5:54 pm
basically he's saying it starts at the top. when players start saying that then it's not just the media anymore. >> it's interesting to see a lot of them get a little bit more outspoken and certainly they are that the boiling point and although antwaan randle el felt like plenty more to turn around. coming up more news and include a roster move the redskins made today. guys? >> they're trying our patience. thank you, guys. see you in a bit and we'll be
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
there was a wreath-laying ceremony commemorating columbus day in the district today. in front of union station paying tribute to the discoverer. the wreaths laid at the base. columbus day was declared a national holiday in 1971. several dads spent this columbus day in the classroom learning how they can become more involved in their child's education. that's the goal of men make a difference day. an annual event sponsored by prince george's county county public schools. each school hosted its own special program here at bradbury heights. participants heard from a series of speakers who offered tips of how dads can get involved in their child's learning experience and help them succeed. they had a productive day. >> yes, they did. let's check in with bob. a little chilly out there now. >> a good day to be inside of a school or a warm room. look at the rain out to our south and southeast. still raining through virginia beach and this, as so many other
5:58 pm
rain areas, has slipped by washington. look at our rainfall for the month, 300th of an inch. at the same time today, birmingham, alabama, sets a record for the day, 2.7 inches of rain. and we're in the 50s. first time since early may, our high temperature did not make it to even 60 degrees. so bundle up morning torrow morning. the clouds will break up though as we get later on into tonight so we'll be seeing a nice day. fair amount of sunshine. for you folks in southern, maryland. but then we'll be seeing clouds coming back as we head on into said about and right now it does look like thursday and on into friday the chance for some needed rain here but chilly rains they will be. temperatures in the 50s and some of that chilly air likely sticking around right into satuay too. so right now the upcoming weekend it looks like it'll be feeling a little bit more like november then october. back to you. >> all right, thank you, bob. >> bob, thank you. that's it for us.
5:59 pm
but coming up honoring a local fallen soldier. >> craig melvin joins doreen gentzler now for news4 at 6:00. new studies show just how dangerous the swine flu can be especially for children. >> also several areas of the united states are getting the season's first blast of winter weather. a man was shot when he tried to stop a robbery at his family's d.c. convenient store. friends and family of a loudoun county soldier killed in afghanistan paid their final respects today. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. was from loudoun county. one of eight soldiers killed in a fiercephyte fight with the taliban on october 3rd. chris gordon has our report tonight. >> reporter: it's a sad fact of life that the number of war


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